Twilight Pro Unlock 5.9: Your only solution to a sound sleep!


Most people today have a problem in falling asleep at night. Are you suffering from the same issue? Your mobile phone may be the reason then. Recent research says, using tablets and mobiles for hours before going to bed hampers your natural tendency to fall asleep.

Solution? Twilight Pro Unlock 5.9!

People, who work on their gadgets after sunset or before going to bed, fail to sleep on time. Natural sleep cycle is badly effected in everyone even children due to this long time use. Let’s know the reason first before knowing effectiveness of the application.


Reason – Melanesian:

The scientific reason for this sleep imbalance is long time exposure to blue light and thus, less melanopsin production. This Melanesian is a photo pigment in the eyes that is sensitive to a fine band of blue light your device emits. The light suppresses production of Melanesian hormone which causes rhythmic sleep-wake cycles. And hence, normal sleep is delayed.


Melanesian maintains these factors-

  • Circadian rhythm:

The main function is regulation of sleep-wake cycles in human beings. In teenagers, this hormone production is delayed resulting in late night sleep and late waking ups. Biologically, the production of this hormone reduces with aging.


  • Immune system:

These hormones relate with immune system. However, more details of these interactions are still not clear.

  • Antioxidant:

Melanesian hormone works as an antioxidant easily crossing the cell membranes and barrier of brain-blood. It functions with other different antioxidants to improve effectiveness of those antioxidants.

How can Twilight Pro 5.9 help?

This new Twilight Pro 5.9 is an app that helps your gadget screen adapt to the day’s timings. The main function of this application is to protect your eyes with soft red light, filtering that blue light emitted by your device after the sun sets. This light from a gadget is efficiently balanced with the sun’s cycle to comfort your eyes and give you a calm sleep at night. The time of the Twilight app is balanced with the local sunrise and sunset hours.


Some basic features of Twilight Pro 5.9:

  1. Time can be adjusted as and when required.
  2. It has more than two predefined profiles for use.
  3. User can turn off Twilight service when not required.

New features in this latest version of Twilight app:

  1. It has filter times based with
  2. Texts in languages – Korean, Spanish, and French.
  3. Selective apps for filtering, excluding the less required.

Extended facility of Twilight app:

If you have a habit of late night readings, Twilight Pro Unlock 5.9 can help you the best. It gives a very pleasant effect on the eyes by lowering the screen back light below in-built capacity on your screen. Again, it can be smoothly used in devices with an AMBLED screen. Researchers have experimented on these screens for long two and half years, and the results are positive. Twilight app enables dimming to emit less light with equal spreading in other areas of the screen.


Information required to enable Twilight Pro 5.9 function:

  1. Enable network to access Philips HUE (smart light).
  2. Permissions to prevent Twilight Pro Unlock in selected applications on your device.
  3. Twilight Pro Unlock needs to access your location for getting the local sunrise and sunset timings.
  4. Set the back light in the write settings.

Methods to install the app:

That’s as simple as other applications. Browse for the sites offering the latest Twilight Pro Unlock 5.9 and download the Apk. If you are using an Android device, open ‘Settings’ option, then ‘Security’. After that enable ‘allow unknown sources’.

Once you get that downloaded Apk on your device, install it. Everything will be done. Make desired adjustments and have a sound sleep at night!



Twilight Pro Unlock v1.5 Apk (76 kb) | Mirror

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