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wifi hacking tools

Are you tired of using paid internet? Then why not try a free WiFi network that you can easily get with using WiFi hacking software. Using this tool is easy and it analyses all wireless internet connection namely WiFi hotspot nearby. Basically a WiFi hacker defeats that weak internet connecting passwords and let you use free internet. You should know that WiFi connections are quite weak in nature than wired internet connections and so quite easy to hack with free WiFi hacking software that are found easily on internet.

Start exploring about WiFi Alliance security protocols:

All these wireless networks are guarded with passwords and they are encrypted with hard security codes. These security codes are WPA which is WiFi Protected Access and WPA2 which is WiFi Protected Access II. These are developed by WiFi Alliance.

Wifi hacking software

All weaknesses found in their previous form called WEP or Wired Equivalent Privacy has been put under serious change in these two new security codes. When using a free WiFi hacking software like Kismet, Netstumbler, Aircrack, CoWPAtty, inSSIDer, WireShark, Airjack etc. you will notice something special.

Using WPS to hack WiFi network:

That special thing is WPS which is WiFi Protected Setup found in both WPA and WPA2. All those WiFi hacking software searches for this specific setting which lets the security falls under dangers of unknown WiFi hacker to intrude easily.

wifi hacking software

It starts enabling many access points which is easily hacked by cracking decoding systems.

Useful WiFi hacking tips:

There are some basic needs before you start using WiFi hacking tools.

  • First of all you must possess a wireless card that is matched with your computer or laptop’s promiscuous modes.

Get free wifi hacking software

  • Then you need access points that have WPS still active. It’s better if that encrypted code is WPA2 type. You are ready, now follow these steps:

Beginning with step one:

  • Open the terminal box. It will be CTR+ALT+T and start typing.
  • First place airmen-neg, it can help you find all wireless cards found with your system.
  • Stop your own wireless monitoring mode before using any WiFi hacking tools by simply typing airmon-ng stop wlan0.

Following step two:

  • Now all wireless networks will be visible.
  • After this, type airdrop-ng wlan0 which will let your hacking tool to capture data.

WiFi hacker apk


  • From many targets find the encrypted algorithm with WPA2 and note down its AP channel number.
  • Next is to find if WPS is still active on its settings. To find this you must type wash -i wlan0 -c 8 -C -s.

Final step three:

  • After finding WPS is not locked then it’s time to hack it by using reaver.
  • Follow strict rules by typing reaver -i <your_interface> -b <wi-fi victim MAC address> -fail-wait=360.

WiFi hacking tools

Simply follow these WiFi hacking tips to enjoy free WiFi networks.

Some common WiFi hacker apk:

Generally, there is a false idea that hacking technologies are available only for computers and laptops. But it is not true as there are many WiFi hacker apk files available for online downloading. Some of the best apk files to install in android mobile phones are WiFi Hacker For Free, WiFi Hacker Professional, WiFi & Router Password Finder, WiFi Password Breaker, WiFi Password Key etc. All of these applications are reputed free hacking software for WiFi networks.

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