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The different treatment options available to cure anxiety

In case you don’t know,  anxiety happens to be a more of a flight or fight response of the body that is focused on protecting you against things that you believe can impact or hamper your wellbeing. There can be short term episodes of anxiety, but then you might have prolonged anxiety as well during things like marital issues, financial crisis and even stressful school or college projects.

The one thing that you need to bear in mind is that when anxiety becomes overly intense, it can lead to severe depression, hypertension, restlessness, poor quality of life and even insomnia. Anxiety related disorders happen to be the most common mental disorders that doctors find themselves dealing with. It is believed that nearly 25% people will suffer from anxiety at least once in their lives.

There are many different treatment options available to cure anxiety. Let us take a look at a few of them:

1. Medication
The most commonly prescribed anxiety treatment is that of medication. It is highly effective in terms of curing anxiety attacks. It is said that medication can help take away at least one symptom of anxiety.  However, medication does not deliver a permanent cure neither does it cure anxiety completely. Apart from that, medicines have side effects too, which can raise concerns.

2. Exercise
The fact is that exercise is known to be one of the best stress relieving activity that can cure anxiety. Just about half an hour of exercise four to five times a week can go go long way in terms of relieving anxiety. Just like counselling in Dubai, exercising can help curb anxiety to a great extent.

3. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
This treatment option is focused on identifying the thoughts of a person that occur preceding a behavior or action. The treatment basically alters these thoughts and in turn impacts the overall behavior of the individual being treated.