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Importance of Teeth Whitening

White teeth are something which represents ones beauty and a symbol of clean hygiene. Over the years people have developed an obsession of having pearl white teeth, and why shouldn’t they? After all it is an important part of hygiene. So we have brought the best teeth whitening tips for you so that you can work on them and if it still doesn’t work then¬†Abu Dhabi Dental Clinic¬†will be at your service! We always promote the importance of oral hygiene taken care with the best natural products and ways possible but of course some things can’t be done by yourself and you may need an expert for which, we will always be here.


Teeth whitening is important because your teeth and hygiene represent your personality. Think of it this way, a man with yellow discolored teeth would be unpleasant to talk to instead of the one who has taken a good care of his teeth. A fun fact is that, cleanliness will never be acknowledged but even a tiny bit of dirtiness will become a symbol of unpleasantness. Just like that, your white pearl teeth may go unnoticed but yellow discolored teeth will make everyone cringe! What would you like most? Getting under the wrong spotlight or shinning on your own?


The top natural teeth whitening tips include adding soda and coffee to your toothpaste, and using fruits and vegetable peels like strawberry and banana peel to rub on your teeth. These natural teeth whitening tips might come in handy but it is always good to prevent it.


There are many reasons the discoloration may happen and the most common is that your teeth are naturally of that color. A fun fact is that the color of your teeth is naturally provided taking your skin color in consideration by the higher authorities which is God. This simply means that your natural teeth color is best to fit your complexion, so keeping that color intact is necessary. Avoid foods which may leave a stain, like red wine, coffee, soda etc. Just minimize those foods in order to prevent discoloration. Add calcium to your diet for a healthy oral hygiene.


And of course! Don’t forget brushing! It is the most important part of hygiene. Remember that the quantity of times you brush in a day doesn’t matter but quality does! Even twice a day brushing would be enough if you do it the right way for best teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi.