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Things to know about food stylists in Dubai

Everyone has taken a picture of their food at some point to put it on social media but only a few have succeeded in making it look as appealing in the picture as real life. This very skill of making food look appealing in a picture is known as food styling.

‘Food stylist’ has become an increasingly popular profession these days and a lot of people are doing it but it is absolutely not as easy as it looks. Preparing your own food to make it look good is one thing because you know how you want the representation to be. But making the food look good when it is for another purpose such as photography or serving to a guest/customer is totally another thing.

A food stylist in Dubai basically plates and styles the food item in an appealing way and these photographs are then used for various purposes such as promotion, magazine spreads and menus of café’s and hotels. Food stylists are not the only ones involved in the task, they work with chefs, editors and photographers to make the perfect aesthetics picture. They are the ones involved in all the preliminary work that goes into the food item. Food stylists cover pre-cooking the food item, slicing and cutting, separating and seasoning. The cooked product is nowhere near as attractive as the final product.

Projects like these require a lot of time and effort because the people involved in the project have to make sure the final product looks eye catching and attractive.

Food stylists have to find the perfect ingredients that are used for the final dish. They use all sorts of tools to make the food item look as attractive as they can. They usually keep a set of tools with them at all times such as blow iron, utensils and even hair dryers etc. the blow iron or hair dryer is used to heat the product or give it a little bit of ‘well cooked’ look. They also carry a number of seasoning as well as artificial color products to enhance the colors and aesthetics of the photograph.

There are a number of professional food stylists in Dubai who can be hired for reasonable rates to get the job done if you are looking to create or update the menu of your eatery. You can find a professional food stylist in your locality or look them up online to register an appointment. Look at here now for more information.