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A power of attorney is a legal document that is signed by given by a person to another person that the latter allows the person to have the power to act on the former’s behalf in front of any other party in legal affairs. Power of attorney Dubai can be transferred to a friend, lawyer, relative or employee. It is the commonly used legal document based upon the business or an individual to fulfill the required needs in the UAE. This legal document develops a trust relationship between the owner and an agent. A power of attorney can be cancelled at any time by the owner. Sometimes it may require extra documentation as per demand.

There are two types of power of attorney, one of the individuals and another for an organization which are explained below.

For Individuals:


General Power of Attorney:

A general power of attorney in the UAE gives an authorization to the agent to have the powers of the principal depending upon the situations. In the general power of attorney, there is a wide ranging attorney of power conceded. It is basically allowed to the agent to mendle with all the affairs, having the same power of principal during a time period when the principal is not able to perform his actions.

Special Power of Attorney:

A special power of attorney in the UAE is allowed to the agent to have the powers of the principal but in just few conditions only.

For Organizations:

General Manager Power of Attorney:

The General Manager Power of Attorney is allowed only to the General Manager of the company to manage the daily affairs. It is issued by the owner of an organization to the General Manager. This type of attorney also includes the list of transactions that General Manger has made on the behalf of the company.

Special Power of Attorney:

A special power of attorney is allowed in a situation when an organization needed a person to perform specific type of transactions such as signing MOU’s or contracts.

Signing Power of Attorney:

The Power of Attorney is composed in English and Arabic in the UAE. Arabic language is mandatory as it is the official language of the UAE.

There are three originals are notarized of the power of attorney at the Notary Public’s office. They register one of them and return the other two originals. Look at this for more information.