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Facts about birthday that you never knew about

We have been celebrating birthdays since centuries and yet we are oblivious to simple fact about how they originated or why even we cut a cake on birthdays to celebrate them instead of mourn it. Well we are here to discuss some very early facts about birthdays that very few people seem to know.

  • Birthdays weren’t celebrated

This mean that in the dark ages most Christian communities thought that celebrating birthdays were an unholy practice for the people and they considered birthdays to be pagan. They didn’t exactly mourn it, but they definitely never celebrated them apart from one birth date: 25th December – Jesus’ birth date. Slowly the time evolved and church started to become supportive of tradition because may be Christmas was a holy occasion which should be practiced by people themselves and thus birthdays evolved.

  • Modern cakes weren’t in the picture till 1700s

All the credit of modern cakes goes to the Germans. It wasn’t until 18th century when cakes were introduced in a form that we know today and order cake in Dubai online to celebrate birthdays. It was initially a tradition of kinderfest introduced for celebrating kids’ birthday with something sweet to make them happy which slowly made its way to other occasions as well and for adults who had a sweet tooth. All thanks to them that we can today get birthday cake delivery Dubai easily at our doorsteps to celebrate this occasion of lifetime.

  • Tang Dynasty introduced us to Noodle cakes

No we are not talking about spaghetti looking cakes. We are talking about cake looking spaghetti. If you think that noodle cake recipes that circulate around on facebook is an invention of 21st century then you might be wrong, my friend. It was in the Tang dynasty that introduced us to the concept of longevity noodles. Noodles themselves are long due to which it was a resemblance to the long life ahead of the birthday person that eats it. Noodles were mounted on top of each other to give it a look of cake. Noodles were supposed to ensure lengthy and healthy life this is a tradition which is still celebrated by Chinese on the birthdays. Yes they did have proper birthday cakes but this was a more artistic way to substitute it with cakes.