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Best Books to gift your friend

Are you looking at corporate gifts Dubai to gift a book to your friend? Or are you looking for exhibition stand manufacturers in Dubai to find the most expensive book for your companion?

If you are doing this, then you are the biggest idiot in this world. You do not need to do this because your friends do not need the most expensive book! He or she just needs a book. There are so many books which you can gift them but the most interesting books which you can gift them are:

  1. 1984: 1984 is must-read book. It is the story about totalitarian rule or dictatorship in which citizens are not even allowed to think negative about their leaders. The book says that every person is the product of his or her society. A person can be brainwashed. In this book, the governors brainwashed the main character and made him to love his leaders.
  2. Creativity.Inc: It is another must-read book. It is written Edwin Catmull which guides you that how to remain creative your whole life. The writer shared his all journey and experiences of building Pixar and reviving Disney. It was the story about the development of Pixar. The book will tell you a lot about Steve Jobs and how do leaders and tech giants work. You will surely be in love with Pixar after reading it. 
  3. Rich Dad and Poor Dad: You are guaranteed to get into the world of this book because the writer, Rober Kiyosaki, has written the book so easily that you can understand its every word and sentence easily. The book tells the readers to work smartly. It guides them to make your money work for you. It says that learning is key to smartness.
  4. Power of Sub-conscious mind: This book tells you that how you can change your mind-set. It tells you that mind is multi-dimensional organ which can be moulded in anyway. The author is very smart. It has connected science and religion very beautifully but you need to understand that connection because he has not explained it directly. 
  5. Brain-The Story of You: It is another book on neuroscience which is written by David Eagelman. The book tells the history of brain and then it tells that how the brain of a human and an animal is different. On the brain and its neuroplasticity, he has explained that how a human is the most intelligent living beings on this world.